Liam, known as Sonicrox2009 is the not so evil twin of LIOAM. He runs a somewhat successful YouTube channel where he starts let's plays. Note how I said nothing about finishing them. 


Liam started out making plush videos as a small child. After more than enough videos were made, he decided to switch things up. He then made a video of himself playing his Magical Green Plastic Ocarina of Power. Then, suddenly a wormhole appears up above his house. The small nerdy child he was, Liam could only watch in horror as someone fell and crashed into his backyard. Upon further examination, this person looked exactly like him. The small frail Liam ran from his doppelganger. "Who are you?" he squeaked after being cornered. In a menacing voice, the doppelganger said, "I... am LIOAM! Now, give me your ocarina!" Liam quickly handed over his ocarina, and LIOAM began to enchant it. Chanting the words, "HAPEE, HAPEE!" the ocarina began to glow. LIOAM suddenly ran off. Because his creation was failed, he had legs like QWOP, and had to run 2 hours to get to a warehouse. He then played a song on Liam's ocarina making all the barrels his evil army. ALL BECAUSE LIAM WAS TOO FUCKING WEAK, WAY TO GO YOU CREATED LORD BARREL!


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