LIOAM, is the main villain in Vexed Gamer. He is the evil twin of Liam (SonicRox2009) And he has the power to summon the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, by playing his Magical Green Plastic Ocarina of Power. HISTORY: He was a failed experiment by scientists in a lab, from the year 1999 in an opposite multiverse, where all people are evil, and since he was horribly failed, he was frozen in a freezer, buried in a mountain. 13 Years later, he wakes up in the year 2012, and is angry at humanity. So he breaks free   from the freezer, and escapes from the mountain. He is angry at humanity, and storms off down the mountain, but trips over a freezer part, and tumbles down the mountain until eventually falling down a huge crater and the impact caused by the fall made him teleport to another dimension . He got that ability from the experiment. Once he goes through the multiverse wormhole, he falls out of the sky and crashes in Liam's Backyard. He wakes up, and thinks he is in his own backyard. He goes in the house, and takes Liam's Ocarina. He enchants it and runs off. After running for about 2 hours, he comes across an abandoned warehouse, full of barrels. He plays a song, The Song of Possesion, and all of the barrels become bloodthirsty and evil, and will stop at nothing to destroy all of humanity, and LIOAM makes them his Barrel Army. They also refer to LIOAM as Lord Barrel. He created an army of other clones like Bojocob which is the evil clone of Jacob and a army of snoop dogs He invaded many worlds with life and brought destruction on many. Many other worlds had hero's like the real Liam , Jacob , Eddy Mcfood, Amar , Tripp , Philip , Pewdiepie , EPF , Gods , Caleb , The Keyblade Defenders Of Light , Men In Black , Pac Man , Link , Star , Mario Bros , Impa , Zelda , Spartans , Sonic Characters , Furries ( With The Power Of Homo Love ) , The Gems And many more. This super evil clone of Liam doesn't stand a chance against those who stand together as one.

THIS IS WHAT Bojocob looks like


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