Barrels are exactly what you expect them to be. Just barrels. But one day the evil Lioam made the barrels become alive and evil. Now they are bloodthirsty barrels who will stop at nothing to destroy humanity.

Golden Barrels:

The Golden Barrels are the only thing that can propel the evil barrels. With their shining, golden light they can destroy any darkness. They also have good games stored in them. They also serve as invincible stars.


Crap Barrel:

The Crap Barrel is a very insignificant barrel. Very irrelevent to the story, actually. The Crap Barrel smells of feces and is where very bad games like Sonic '06 and ET: Extra Terrastrial are stored. It exists in the evil Multiverse, and the normal mulitverse, and when a game is thrown in it, it is also in the normal multiverse.

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